In 2010, I was admitted to University of Medicine I (UMI), the most prestigious and sought-after university in Myanmar. UMI is known for its strict admission criteria and because I was accepted, I decided to give it a shot despite by total lack of interest in healthcare. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t last long enough. I dropped out in my first year…

Shortly after, I joined a computing school in UK and decided to major in computing and project management. In light of my excellent academic background, I was awarded full scholarship for first two years. And before I knew it, I was printing ‘Hellos’ and designing flow charts. College was tough for me. But after three years of spectacularly failing and rigorously adapting, I graduated with upper class, and went on to become an IT and business support executive at a leading group of companies in Singapore.

Today I’m a working professional at a leading Swiss mobility company. And even though I no longer go to school, I’m still learning from every turn of the life. With every day passing, I found myself picking up not only vocational skills also occasional wisdom. As a matter of fact, I’ve read more books, listened to podcasts and participated MOOCs in 2019 alone than I did in the last 24 years combined. I also attribute my recent growth factor to personal and professional mentors. I wouldn’t have been able to push through my boundaries if I didn’t have a full year with best mentors and peers.

Lastly if all of this sounds too good to be true, you’re right. I have lots… I mean lots of rooms for improvement. I feel myself lost from time to time. My insecurities show up. My irrational-self still lurks within. Yet, I’m confident than ever because I now realize that with unwavering faith and extraordinary effort, I can achieve anything I’ve ever wanted… and you can too.