Do You Have a Mind for Sales? What It Takes to Be a Great Salesperson.
Do You Have a Mind for Sales? What It Takes to Be a Great Salesperson.

Do You Have a Mind for Sales? What It Takes to Be a Great Salesperson.

This post is an excerpt from A Mind for Sales (by Mark Hunter).


Top salesperson set goals. And the goals they set are ones average salespeople would cringe at reading them. The attitude is simple. If the goal does not push the envelope of success, then it’s not worth having as a goal. Every top performer knows at least one ‘moon shot’ goal.


Top sales people protect their time at all costs. They get more done in less time because they take more of the time in what matters. Not only do they protect and respect their time, they respect others and their time too.


Top salespeople do not settle for average. Average is what other people shoot for each day. Great sales people are never satisfied with average. To them, ‘average’ is synonymous with ‘mediocre’. Top performers find it uncomfortable to be around those who are comfortable being mediocre.


Top salespeople use each day to influence others with a goal of helping. They see it as a privilege to help others. And they start Monday and each day with a mission to make a difference.


Top sales people see themselves as confident leaders. The ability to help others is not something great salespeople need to do, helping others is something they want to do. When you’re a servant leader, it means you put others first, even to the point of allowing them to take credit.


Top salespeople know the importance of prospecting and make it as their priority. Nothing happens in business until something is sold and nothing is sold until there are people who are willing to buy. Top performers know who they are and are excited to approach them too.


Top salespeople plan ahead. They never end the day without knowing what they’re accomplishing the next day. It’s impossible to be successful without subscribing to this trait. When you know your objectives tomorrow, you’ll have better use of your mornings and will sleep better.


Top salespeople are optimistic not just on the job they do also on the life they live. An optimist is not created when times are good. Optimists are created when times are tough. As an optimist, you’re the one who can think clearly in difficult situations. Optimism is the best fuel to drive the greatest potential outcomes.


Top salespeople never stop learning and continually look for ways to share their learnings with others. They understand that becoming great is not nature. It’s nurture and a journey that never ends. They know the more they learn, the more they can help others.


Top salespeople know the only thing constant in life is change. They evolve their sales process as they continually evaluate the work they do and find ways to improve. 


Top sales people own the process. While some may pass the buck and quickly blame others, the great salesperson accepts responsibility in everything. This doesn’t mean do everything. It means they know the power of being accountable and the impact it has on getting things done.


Top sales people don’t stop at the end of the day. They view sales as a 24/7 lifestyle. This might seem overwork to some but for top performers, what they do is not work. What they do is a passion to help others and give them the energy to drive the mission forward 24/7.


Top salespeople have a high degree of integrity others can see through. Trust is the currency they exchange. They know this and know the only reason they’ve become successful is because others have trusted them. Integrity is something they build every day but something they can lose in an instant, if they violate trust.


Top salespeople are proud of what they do. Taking pride in their lifestyle isn’t arrogance. It’s not about being boastful by taking advantage of others. Being proud is being confident, knowing what they do makes a difference.


Top salespeople know it’s the depth of their questions that will uncover the big opportunities. When you’re living out each of the other items on the list, asking better questions just comes naturally. A great salesperson is driven by questions, as it’s a key part of what fuels their excitement to talk to customers.


Top salespeople know success is not what they did yesterday but what they’ll do today. They don’t live in the numbers of yesterday. They feel the success they had last quarter marks them a better salesperson this quarter. A top performer knows each day stands on its own merit.


Top salespeople have a peer network that holds them accountable. They know they can learn from each other and through learning, they challenge each other’s assumptions. Being accountable to others is what drives the success of the group.


Top sales people live each day to make the most of it, and see every challenge as an opportunity. Each day’s a gift to live to the fullest extent. There simply is nothing better. As wonderful as Monday is, the top performer makes the most of every day.