Have you ever seen a baby keep falling on the ground, saying This walking thing isn’t just for me?

Of course not. You see the baby will fall and fall and fall, and get back up every single time. But here’s an interesting thing. As we grow older we start to form the pattern loops in our heads. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. People don’t like me. The more we think about it the more we hold ourselves from the greatness inside of us. It becomes a downward spiral.


Likewise, would you further bring down your discouraged friends and families by saying them bad things?

No you wouldn’t. So why would you do it to yourself?


You failed. So What? Failure is often an opinion of one specific individual or group.

It says more about them than it says more about you. May be it’s the wrong person or may be it’s the wrong time. The right people are awaiting what you uniquely bring to this world, so just keep looking for it.


There’s a crucial distinction between “It’s a failure” and “You’re a failure”.

Knowing the difference between what you did failed and that you’re a failure is imperative. One gives you constructive feedback so you can do better next time while the other gives you nothing except self-loathing and resentment.

Kyaw Wai Yan Tun

Hi, I'm Wai Yan. I love designing visuals and writing insightful articles online. I see it as my way of making the world a more beautiful and insightful place.