Ultimate Copywriting Checklist: 12 Quick Ways to Turn your Writing into a Lead Generating Machine
Ultimate Copywriting Checklist: 12 Quick Ways to Turn your Writing into a Lead Generating Machine

Ultimate Copywriting Checklist: 12 Quick Ways to Turn your Writing into a Lead Generating Machine

1. YOU Centric

Replace we with you.

“At blue tank web design, you can rely on our skillful team to build you a high quality website that perfectly fits your style and budget.

And when you work with us, you’ll join hundreds of happy customers from all over the world.”

“Whatever the business you’re in, let us show you our innovative approach to design. And when it comes to customer service… you won’t find a more committed team.

Since 2007 Bluegrass has been a trusted provider of IT support services to SMEs across the UK. We work in partnership with you to proactively support your IT infrastructure and hep you realize your business aims and objectives.”

2. So What Test

Our smartphone as a quad-core processor. So What?

It can run applications smoothly and quickly. So What?

You don’t have to worry about the applications quitting on you. And if you’re a gamer, our smartphone can run latest 3D games without breaking a sweat.

3. Features Tell, Benefits Sell

People don’t want a 10-inch drill. They want a 10-inch hole.

because of this – you can – which means

product feature – product benefit – customer benefit

4. Tap into emotion

Nothing taps into emotion better than stories do.

5. Show. Don’t tell.

Be credible.

6. Create personas

  • – gender, marriage, age, education
  • – job, income, skills, career
  • – motivations, sports, hobbies
  • – eco-friendly, budget-conscious, status-seeker
  • – challenges (what keeps them awake at night)
  • – potential objections

7. Be conversational

Read your writing out loud. Does it sound like the conversation you would have in a casual setting?

8. Let them Know, Feel, Act

We’re running a training event on writing business plans and you’re invited —> Customer get Curious –> Click the link..

9. Start with Pain Points and Show Pain Reliefs

Driving a gruby car never feels like you’re winning. But getting it washed is just another thing on your endless to-do list.

At RaiBox Valeting, we come to you. We bring the water, the soap and all the elbow grease. So you can enjoy that fresh-car feeling whenever you like, without taking the time out of your busy day.

10. When you’re lost remember 2 friends: AIDA and PAS

AIDA Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

PAS – Problem – Agitation – Solution

11. Use Power Words like

  • Surprising – Secret — Discover — Free — New — Now — Quick

12. Headline must touch one of 4Us

  • Urgent – Unique – Ultra-specific – Useful

How to Cook Japanese food on a budget becomes

How to cook a three course Japanese meal for less than a trip to movie

12 Office Desk Hacks to Improve your Productivity becomes

12 Office Desk Hacks You Can Do Right Now to improve your productivity

Reasons why most people fail their first driving test becomes

5 Reasons Why 77% of people fail their first driving test


Best Practices


The copy contains a lot of ‘you’ (written with the ‘reader’ in mind).


The copy is so-what tested.


The copy sells benefits, not features.


The copy taps into emotion.


The copy shows, instead of telling.


The copy targets a specific persona.


The copy sounds conversational.


The copy is written in either one of these formats:

  1. Hero – problem – solution – success
  2. Attention – interest – desire – action
  3. Feel – felt – found
  4. Because of this – you can – which means
  5. You know problem – what we do is – in fact, here is proof

The copy starts with pain points, not pain reliefs.


The headline touches 4U (unique, ultra-specific, useful, urgent).


The copy contains power words (surprising, secret, discover, free, new, now quick).