Summary: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
Summary: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Summary: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Set goals that are 10X greater than what you believe you can achieve.

The biggest mistake most people make in life is not setting overreaching goals. It’s okay to fall short of your goals as long as they’re big enough. In fact, reaching your goal isn’t half as important as setting big hairy audacious goals and then taking massive action towards it.

Limiting the amount of success you desire is the ultimate violation of 10X Rule. 10X rule wants you to over-commit even if you have to under-deliver later. The idea is that once you’re over-committed you will work out every thing you can to reach that highest level of commitment.


Take actions that are 10X greater than what you believe would be necessary.

The idea of 10X philosophy is that to go further than you ever thought was possible, you must think and act at levels 10X beyond the norm.

“Assume that every project you attempt will take more time, more money, more effort and more people than you ever imagine. Multiple every expectation you have by 10 and you might be safe. If it doesn’t take 10 times more than you anticipated, hey lucky you.”

Grant Cardone


You will run into obstacles along the way. You have no control over whether you do or not.

But you have control over how you respond to the obstacles. If you give up when you get hit, you are gonna go all the way. Even the fortunate and well-connected people among us must do something to put themselves in the right place at the right time in front of the right people. For successful people, luck is merely the byproduct of taking 10X action.


You’re going to get labelled by others when you start taking massive action.

When you buy into the 10X philosophy, you will be judged by the mediocre, the average, the retreaters and the do-nothings. What you can do best in these situations is to stay true to yourself. When people realize you’re unstoppable, they will naturally come to you. Stop driving and flying to everyone. Compete with no one but yourself yesterday. That is how you become a social magnet.


If you take credit when you win, be prepared to take responsibility when you lose.

Sure, you can put all the blame on bad luck or random events, but the universal truth is there’s always something you can do better next time.

“It happens to you and it happens because of you.”


Fear is a signal to do what you fear right now.

Do not feed fear by procrastination and letting it build. The fastest and most effective way to beat fear is to feel it and do it any way.


Say ‘yes’ to the point you have to start eventually say ‘no’.

Think all or everything until you become overbooked that you have to no choice but to think ‘either or’.


Non-customer satisfaction is a bigger problem than customer satisfaction.

People not knowing you exist and not buying your problem is the first piece of puzzle you must solve. No amount of customer satisfaction will leave a mark if you don’t have enough customers to sustain your business.


There is no shortage of money, only shortage of people creating money.

Remember you don’t need to make money. Money has already been made. Move your attention from conserving money to creating wealth. If you believe that life is not a zero-sum game, you will realize that the world is both big and abundant for everyone to live life to the fullest.


Successful people make time for conventions, symposiums, readings and groups.

You might think ‘yeah successful people have the money, so they can afford all those luxuries’ . However, these luxuries are in large part the reason that made them money in the first place.  Before they are rich, their luxuries aren’t a Lamborghini nor a multi-million dollar mansion. They’re audio programs, books, downloads, webinars, seminars and public talks.

The most successful people Grant knows read everything they get their hands on. Even for people who hate to read, they surround themselves with people who like to read. Some even hire people to read for them. They see every opportunity to educate themselves. They approach the $30 book as if it has the potential to make millions of dollars while poor people look at the $30 book and figure out how to buy it for $12.

“You have no idea how many people throughout my lifetime has laughed, criticized and raise their eyebrows including family members about the things that I dreamed of doing in my life. You don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of phone calls I made that went nowhere. You don’t know about literally tens of thousands of emails to which no one ever responded to me. You have no idea how many people even my supporters suggested me I may be pushing beyond my limits and putting myself at risk. I spent 30 years preparing, studying and making mistakes and taking actions, all of which allowed me to develop discipline.”

– Grant Cardone